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A collection of freelance illustrator Shae Mellors' digital illustrations, to be used as icons, prints and notebooks. With a focus on being bright, fun and charming.

Illustrations: Selected Work
Illustrations: Text
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Lolita Dress Design

One of my final year assignments was to design a collection of lolita dresses that tell a story and create prototypes of two of the designs.
Lolita is a fashion sub-culture originating from Japan. It originates as a feminist movement where women lean into their femineity, in well planned coordination's that are not inherently appealing to men. A lot of dress' will tell a story in the print's illustration. The story I will tell through the dresses is that of the life cycle of a star library, from creation, to its peak and eventual fade into obscurity.

Illustrations: Text


Children's picture book

One of my final year assignments was to create concept work and the first 6 pages of a children's picture book. 

My book focused on teaching children about anxiety, through illustrating a short story I wrote about my experiences with anxiety in high school. The story takes place in a corridor where the main character is confronted by many doors, each door represents a different type of anxiety. 

Illustrations: Image

Character Sheets

I wanted the main character to represent the age group I was targeting with the book. So I put her in an outfit I could see 8-10 year olds wearing when playing outside. 

The character needed to come off as nervous and quiet, but with hints of a curious personality that has been suppressed by the anxiety. I did this by keeping her limbs close to her body, but still giving her head and torso lots of movement so she can look around.

Illustrations: Pro Gallery
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